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New Opportunity!

Since returning home from Haiti Rob and I have been evaluating where URMISSIONS is heading.

We had to step back and remember why we started URMissions back in 2009. Our primary focus was to help churches and individuals become the “Hands and Feet of Christ” where they were! We wanted to offer groups the opportunity […]

Back Home…

Our trip has come to an end, but I know that the impact that this trip had on Rob and I, and the impact that our team had on Haiti will never end!

I have been trying to process all that happened on this trip, and I am overwhelmed with emotion!

It is so good […]

Day 5: Change in hearts

Since we have arrived in Haiti everything has been all Gods work. We were prepared for the worst going through the airport in Port au Prince with people trying to take our bags and making sure we all stayed together. Crystal had sent in one of her Haitian workers to meet us at the gate […]

The Gift of Life

Today we had the opportunity to go to the local hospital in Carrefour. We were taken through a tour of the hospital to see the maternity wing, radiology, phlebotomy, medical records and immunizations given to children. Ashley and I were able to be in the maternity wing and witnessed the birthing process. The care for […]

Haiti- Day 4

Hello all, this is Kayla. This experience has been great so far. God has blessed us so much thus far. Yesterday and today we broke into 2 groups… group 1 went to a hospital yesterday and the other a school, today we switched. My group went to the hospital yesterday and we got a tour […]

Merci Savior

Greetings from Haiti! It is great to finally share some of our experiences with you, as we finally have power to update this blog! Praise Christ!! Since our arrival, we have been to a Haitian church service that showed us what a truly God-run service looks like (lots of worship in many forms and to-the-point […]

Let there be light

We are so grateful to finally have electric for the first time since we arrived. That means showers and being able to make our way around the house without flashlights. We have been blessed beyond belief so far by the amazing people of Haiti.

Today we split into two groups. One group went to the […]

The unexpected blessings


Well in the first three days we have had ice cold showers and extreme heat, but it has been been a blessing for this group. We began the journey by getting off the plane after landing in a grassy field… not exactly the ideal run way but we all made it! We took a […]

Day 3 in Haiti…

Our team has had a busy time since arriving in Haiti. Saturday we arrived at our location between 4:30 and 5:00. Our plane landed in PAP at 12 noon, but it took us several hours to drive the 12 miles to our location!

Saturday after dinner we were able to walk around Carrefour and show […]

Arrived Safely in Haiti

We have arrived safely in Haiti. Just had orientation-now waiting to eat. We will update more this evening. Right now we are setting up “camp.”

We have already seen God work in many, many ways on this trip. I am so excited to be in Haiti.


IN Him,